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Buy Diflucan Online

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FiG. 69. Fig. 70. r.s- 1)2 r is: Gas Generators. tube containing it, using it at the same time as an agitator. Chem. News, Nov. 29, 1907, 267. Thiosulphocarbamates General Characters, Marcel Delepine has prepared the thiosulphocarbamates of nickel, cobalt, copper, sodium, barium, zinc, silver, lead and iron, and finds them to exhibit the following general properties : Buy Diflucan Online They tend to crystallize with their solvents. The Buy Diflucan Online salts of the alkalies and alkaline earths and of zinc are colorless, while those of copper, nickel, cobalt and iron are colored. The nickel, cobalt, iron, and copper salts, [(C4H)2N.CSa],Ni,[(C4H9),N.CS2]8Co Fe, are not ionized in organic solvents, and hence the salts behave indifferently towards ordinary reagents. Chem. News, June 12, 1908, 288; from Compt. rend., 146 (1908), No. 19. Sulphuric Acid A Product of the Combustion of Illuminating Gas, Having on several occasions tested the corroded coating on a copper water- bath and found a fair amount of sulphates, D. B. Buy Diflucan Online Dott, in various ways described, demonstrated the presence of Buy Diflucan Online sulphuric acid among the Digitized by Google 266 RKPORT ON IHE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. products of combustion of the coal gas employed as Buy Diflucan Online a source of heat. On passing the gas through water containing subacetate of lead, not the slightest color was produced : but on passing it through water containing a little soda, and colored with phenolphthalein, the color disappeared in a short time. These reactions indicate the probable presence of sulphur- ous acid in the gas. Chem. & Drugg., Aug. 31, 1907, 377. PHOSPHORUS. Red Phosphorus Properties. G. Linck and P. MoUer find that when purified dried red phosphorus is sublimed at the meltmg-point of lead in an exhausted glass tube a black brittle mass, which shows Buy Diflucan Online no trace of crystallization, is obtained. In thin fragments it appears red, and con- tains 99,4 per cent, of phosphorus. The specific gravity determinations gave results which varied from 2.145 ^^ 2.192 at 18 20^ C, and this agrees almost exactly with that of commercial red phosphorus. By prolonged heating in a closed tube both forms can be converted into the crystalline form, the powder becoming a light red. From this it appears that a modification of phosphorus exists which is labile as regards the densest known form, and which possibly forms the isotropic amorphous phase, cor- responding to red crystalline phosphorus. Mixtures of arsenic and phos- phorus can readily be obtained if red phosphorus and metallic arsenic are sublimed together ; the product of the sublimation exhibits a conchoidal fracture and a black metallic luster, and in very thin splinters appears brown in transmitted light. The specific gravity varies between fairly wide limits according to the percentage composition. Chem. News, Buy Diflucan Online June 26, 1908, 312; from Ber. d. D. Chem. Ges., ^/ (1908), 407. Phosphorus Nitride Preparation and Properties, Alfred Stock and Hans Grtineberg use phosphorus pentasulphide and ammonia to prepare pure phosphorus nitride ( PjNs), the ammonia being obtained pure by dis- tilling it from commercial ammonia and drying by means of caustic alkali. In order to make phosphorus nitride, the ammonia need not act upon the pentasulphide in the cold, but it is sufficient if the latter is saturated with ammonia at the ordinary temperature. When the complicated mixture of ammonium ihiophosphates thus prepared is heated, P5N5 is obtained. It is best to heat in a current of ammonia, and all the phosphorus of the original pentasulphide is readily converted into the nitride ; in fact, no other nitride can be prepared so easily in a pure state. The density of PjNj at 18** C. is 2.51. Its color varies from pure white to fairly dark reddish-brown. The dark coloration is Buy Diflucan Online produced when it is heated for some time to temperatures above 850 C, and the authors thought that it roust be due to the presence of some free red phosphorus. However, when a dark preparation was allowed to cool quite slowly from 900 C. to the temperature of the room in an absolute vacuum, the color did not disappear, although free phosphorus would certainly have evaporated. Digitized by Google PHOSPHORIC ACID. 267 At the ordinary temperature PgNj is very indifferent. It does not redden litmus paper unless it is heated for some time with water to loo** C. When warmed in vacuo it begins to decompose into phosphorus and nitrogen at 760 C. The nitride may also be prepared in an impure state by heating a mixture of phosphorus pentasulphide and ammonium chloride^ and small quantities of it remain when the reaction products of yellow
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